Il Molino

A 100 years experience is our foundations in the milling sector

For our clients, Experience stands for warranty and food safety.

Since its foundation in 1911 Molino Sima has always been attentive to innovation and new market needs and it provides the modern customer with all the best guarantees regarding health and respect for the environment. In order to constantly obtain quality product, we put at the center of our production process high selected raw materials and processing methods that allow us to obtain every year the most important sector certifications

Traceability and supply chain control are implemented to satisfy our clients and their brands.

From the cereal’s sowing to its harvest, to the stocking in refrigerated silos, to the husking in the Bio dedicated plant, to the milling, all our work is rigorously controlled and certified.

High quality standards, security and technology are our starting point.

In these years MOLINO SIMA – having the biggest 100 % Bio dedicated plant in Italy certified BRC IFS- has specialized in organic flour production, facing a difficult but rewarding market for whose, carefully respecting the current normatives, delivering a high quality product offering greater guarantees and protection to the client.


Attention to the environment is a fundamental point for our company policies. This is why we choose automations that allow energy savings and we constantly work to have an increasingly sustainable system.


Technology and innovation are the basis for obtaining healthy and genuine products. Cutting-edge production lines and laboratories allow us to maintain a high level of quality throughout the production process.

Our Flours

We offer a wide range of Organic Flours for every demand

SimaBIO flours are all certified as organic. The production of organic cereals occurs to the disciplinaries established by the active normative on organic farming.

All the phases of the production process are traced and certified by CCPB.

MOLINO SIMA also transforms its organic cereals through stone grinding, a process that a constantly increasing number of clients appreciates, due to the fact that it allows tastier flours and nutritive principles integrity.

farine di grano tenero
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Soft Wheat

farine di farro
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Kamut® Khorasan

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Cappelli Durum Wheat

grano duro
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Durum Wheat

farine lavorate a pietra
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Stone-milled Flours

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Special Flours

Knowledge and Experience

Starting from 1992 we extended our production to include biological flours, rigorously certified by CCPB, undergoing the strictest international regulations.


All entering grains and flours produced in our Molino Sima are carefully controlled by our laboratory, the selection of wheat and cereal varieties is the first step of the production process, and it is fundamental in order to obtain high quality flours.

Food Safety

Our production processes guarantee safety in all processing steps, as guaranteed by the various certifications obtained over the years.

We are abig farmer’s Cooperative with a centenary history

We are “Farmers”, associated in a cooperative that today turns out to be one of the largest in Italy: the Cooperativa Agricola Giulio Bellini. Since 1992 we have been producing organic flours obtained mostly from cereals grown by our members. It is our strength.