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100  years of experience are the foundations on which are based ours competences in the mill field.

For our clients, Experience stands for warranty.


Regard towards environment and health:
Mill SIMA guarantees innovation and consideration towards market and consumer demand which require

higher warranties regarding his own health and environment.


This is what we basically are, farmers, associated in this cooperative which today has become one of the biggest in Italy; Giulio Bellini agricultural cooperative to which we belong.
From 1992 we produce organic flours in the greatest part obtained by our partners who cultivated those cereals.
It is our strength.

The greatest part of the cereals we especially use, spelt and bread wheat, are cultivated near Ferrara where Po outfall, gives the weather and agronomic conditions in order to guarantee the best quality of our products.
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Packaging flexibility


All of our products are available in 500g and 1kg packages. Moreover they are available in paper bags or protective atmosphere.

This one guarantees a long lasting conservation of the product. It preserves it from shelf life parasite 18 months from packing.

Thanks to packing flexibility, we are today leaders of this field, providing the biggest distribution enterprises of organic products in Italy and in foreign countries.

For the small medium and big industry we provide flours in 5-25 kg, big bag and at random in cistern.

Each packaging is available even private label.

Farine di KamutKAMUT® KHORASAN

We have been between the first ones to import and believe in Kamut wheat.
Today we have achieved an extraordinary result becoming the largest worldwide producers of flour made out of this precious wheat.

The production of organic cereals which we transform, takes place according to the law which regulates organic agriculture. All the productive process phases are traced and certified by CCPB, Biological Product Control

Organic production and the cereals conservation process, made by the "cold system", allow to produce a clean flour without any chemical leftover.

The flour can optionally be slow-machined by stone especially for whole meal flours; thanks to the natural process we can guarantee the integrity of its nutritive value.


The controls made by our internal laboratory, the reference book HACCP for the hygienic and health control for all the phases of the productive process and the VISION 2000 certification (ISO 9001:2000) represent the other
warranties of quality and security.
For the organic products we are certified

CCPBCheck Fruit
UNI EN ISO 9001:2008