Suitable for bread production and other bread-like products like: crackers, flat bread, crispy toast-like bread, bread sticks, unleavened bread (typical of Romagna), sweet and salty biscuits-like products, pastry products in general, snacks, pizza.
This flour is rich of mineral salts, fibres and vitamins, suitable for every pastry and bakery product. To the products this flour gives a strong determined flavour, a captivating colour and aspect.
Suitable for every type of dry, fresh, frozen pasta production and for the various pastry and bakery production.
This flour is rich of mineral salts, fibres and vitamins. Preferable in each case when you look for a strong flavour and aspect of the products.

Big spelt and dicoccum spelt flour have already been employed in each type of bakery product and pasta production.

Sima mill, using different grinding techniques, offers to the clients an ample choice range, able to satisfy every necessity and every type of manufacturing.

The mill employs a decortications system, exclusively dedicated to organic cereals, from the spelt decortications and its subsequent milling, we obtain high quality flours, rich in fibres, proteins, with a law calorie rate.

Botanically spelt is a high nutritive cereal.
It distinguishes itself from the other types of wheat because of the seed capsule which tents to stick to the grain so that it has to be decorticated before it is used.
It was considered "sacred" for the ancient Italian inhabitant:
atin, Umbrian, and Sabine.
The flat spelt made with this cereal (the "Spelta") was the ritual wedding dish in the Roman wedding.

It grows on poor soils, it does not need many treatments, it resists to law temperature and it produces a rustic grain which can be used in innumerable ways after it has been wisely transformed in flour.

• Protective atmosphere packaging from 500g to 1 kg  • Paper bag 25 kg
• Paper bag packaging 1 kg • Big bag 1 ton
• Paper bag packaging 5 kg
 • Bulk cargo 12-30 tons